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Brief Global Chronology: From the Big-Bang to Humankind

This chronology aims to represent the events that permitted to us, Earth’s citizens, to understand where we are from, what is our current understanding of the Universe and its impact one ourselve.       If you have any corrections or propositions, don’t hesitate to reach us throug our contact form :

Eud’Action #1 : Urban Shared Garden

Eud’Actions are open sources thematic pedagological mind-map gathering solutions & concepts by categories on a particular topic. This is our first one of this concept and is dedicated to how to build a sustainable shared garden to bring community by getting more resilient. Tip : You can easily find all the concepts shared on Internet…
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Education in the 21st Century Global Challenges and Innovative Solutions

In a world where robots, machines and software algorithms are replacing routine jobs traditionally done by people, education needs to rise to the challenge. A radical change, especially in the developing countries, is required in the ways education is delivered to the ‘digital natives’ of today and tomorrow. Modern challenges – Modern skills  Recently the…
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Montessori Methods – Pedagogy based on child’s natural development process

🌱 The Montessori Method of education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 years ago. It is a child-centred educational approach that views the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in an adequate learning environment.   It is an approach that values the human spirit and the…
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Malang – Madness in the name of God

Imagine wandering down one of Afghanistan’s streets. It’s very likely that your attention will be driven in an unexpected way. An encounter with a naked man would be probably quite shocking for everyone. Long hair are falling upon man’s skinny shoulders as he dances and smokes hashish. Is he a mad man? – You ask…
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Parenting styles – What it takes to be a good parent?

There is an ongoing debate in psychology about nature vs. nurture. What determines the personality and psycho – social adjustment, the genetic code or the parenting style and external events? The  debate won’t be settled soon. The truth, however, is that the relationship with the parents is crucial and determinant for a child’s future. During…
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Ying Yang with western view – In seeking of harmony and balance

Light & dark, feminine & masculine, passive & active, good & evil, balance, the way, universal truth ruling the universe… but also just a way of one’s life. All of those basic ideas are manifesting themselves in one simple Taijitu diagram, the symbol of „Dao” (the Way).

Aardhuis – Earthship concept, build your own house easily! #1

The Earthship is built with ecological, sustainable, and recycled materials. By using natural local materials such as earth, straw, wood, and stones and giving life to used objects such as bottles, cans, or tires, the construction of the Earthship is extremely beneficial to our planet.

Vortex Bladeless – A Wind Turbine without Blade

Imagine a wind turbine. It is big and its blades turn with the wind. Now, imagine it smaller but without blades… and that is the invention of Spanish company – Vortex Bladeless.

FarmBot – Opensourced farming robot inspired from 3D printing

Imagine a kitchen farm that grows plants by itself independently and works like a 3D printer.. is it difficult to envision? Well don’t fret, it exists, and it’s called the Farmbot!