A participative informational platform about worldwide solutions and sustainable alternatives for a common future.

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The participative wiki of sustainable & fair alternatives for the global transition accessible to all.  

Eudaimonpedia is a participative & open-source library launched in January 2018, currently in phase beta, which aims at sharing knowledge and alternative solutions  in order to construct a more sustainablefair united world.


Its design is intentionally playfulvisual simple so that all people can navigate easily and intuitively. The participatory aspect is directly inspired by the wikis



The architecture of the library is based on the mind-map architecture : each main part is divided into smaller parts:




The knowledge platform is divided into 15 different main sections such as access to renewable energy, drinking water, food, education, health, housing, etc. also subsections act as “explanatory” filters. 

In this platform we have decided that our content will be 5% on global issues of our century, and 95% on solutions from around the world.


So what now ? 

Navigate in the library

Eudaimonpedia is open & free. You can easily find inspirations for taking part in the global change.

Help to develope the library

Eudaimonpedia is an open-source platform. You can help us to make it grow and be more user frindly.

Contribute to the library

Eudaimonpedia is participative, all of us can contribute to it by writting, proofreading & translating.