The seeds of change 🌱

Nave Tierra, a documentary series in search of sense and inspiring a desirable sustainable future.
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“Where do we come from?”

Synopsis 🎬

Being part of a disillusioned generation, a young man decides to get out of his urban routine in order to find a new meaning in his life.

Through this quest, he meets Patagonia’s actors of change who will help him to find back himself, reconnects to nature and rediscovers ancestral wisdom.

Urban Routine
Reconnection to nature


“What are we?”

An original cross-genders audiovisual project 🧭

Started by an investigation led by Rodrigue Rabier Fuenzalida in 2020, Nave Tierra is a mini fictional-documentary series project, meeting changemakers living their lives throught eco-responsible lifestyles, willing to share their experiences.

Through a poetic journey, we invite you to discover a quest for meaning, and find inspiration to take action and be part of the changemakers building a desirable and sustainable future for all.


“What are we doing?”

A cooperative autoproduction 🤝 

Nave Tierra is an autoproduced and semi-professional production. It’s the result of a strong international collaboration and efforts of people, volunteers, artists, as well as the support organizations that believe in the importance of this project’s message. 

They believe in the project and
joined “Nave Tierra”‘s community :

Urban Routine


“Where are we going?”

The dawn of a desirable and sustainable future 🌄  

Once finished, we intend to provide the mini-series in Spanish subtitled (at least) in English and French, and use it as a support for debate in public and educational areas (high-schools and universities) around topics like current challenges, well-living  and sustainable lifestyle.

We also plan to submit it to film festivals and competitions globally.

Join the adventure 🌅

Join Nave Tierra’s on this amazing journey and support the post-production of the project by contributing to our Ulule crowdfunding and sharing it with your network.

Your support will give you exclusive access to the documentary before its official release, plus special meaningful rewards of your choice!

Nave Tierra | Page Ulule

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Objective 🎯

6 000€ *

Basic Post-Production


12 000€ *

Professional Post-Production

*30 to 40% of the totals amounts will be retributed as rewards to the contributors, then everything above the Professional Post-Production goal with be given to NGOs like Eudaimon to support their projects and actions! 💡

Latest News 📬

Nave Tierra’s News | June 2023

Dive into the June 2023 updates of Nave Tierra! Celebrate 4 years of Economade journey, join us and explore sustainable living. 🌍

Nave Tierra’s News | May 2023

Explore the latest news from Nave Tierra! Join Rodrigue’s journey, discover the docomentary latest advances and inspiring actions undertaken!


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What are Nave Tierra's values?

Nave Tierra’s values carry out throughout the project are :

Humanism: Recognize the best human can do and create, but also that mistakes are normal.

Resilience: Favor mode of eco-responsible consumption and conscious actions, throughout the production and belong.

Care: of one-self, each other, and our planet.

Universality: create a universal and unperishable message.

Respect: for culture, values and life experiences.

Benevolence: with everyone

Feminism: advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes and genders.

Transparency:  share our situation and advance honestly and respectfully.

If you share those values, we invite you to visit our Ulule page and support the Nave Tierra adventure.

What happened with the Globedreamers campaign?

The Globedreamers’ campaign made in 2020, which reached 2472 € (49% of the goal) thanks to 52 donators, made it possible to : 

– carry out 12 interviews shot in 2021 (7 retained within the framework of the documentary and 4 for the YouTube channel), of citizens invested in permacultural philosophy, relating to different areas such as construction, agriculture, waste management, appropriate technologies and health.

– film large numerous illustrative plans: the daily life of the interviewees, applied practices, community as well as contemplative plans.

– gather archive documents filmed and recovered from the Golondrinas forest fire in 2021, having ravaged 15,000 hectares in 8 hours, destroying 605 houses in passing and affecting 1555 people.

– realize a fiction/metaphor made in Patagonia in 2021, around the theme of the seed and the transmission as well as a reconstruction carried out in France in 2022.

– lead 12 clean walks in Patagonia in the collective Mision Comarca Limpia.

More pieces of information are on the Ulule page.


What will the Ulule campaign be used for?

This new crowdfunding aims to finish the work in the best conditions, meaning:

organize, clean and edited content,

record the off-voice,

– pay the services of illustrators, and animators to create animations

– pay musicians to record the original soundtracks

write subtitles in French and in Spanish

realize annexe episodes with Oni Films

distribute the project (premieres, educational and cultural areas, and festivals)

– give a meaningful counterparts to the crowdfunding participant

More pieces of information are on the Ulule page.

Will it be a film or a series?

First intended to be a 45 mins film, the production phase made us realize that this would be way too short to share the experience collected through the interviews, we thought to make a 90 mins film.

After creative restructuring in 2022 and readapting our scenario, we agree to make it divided into 4 episodes/chapters of 15 to 25 mins.

More pieces of information are on the Ulule page.

Why does the prodution take so much time?

Films and series productions are usually a long process that usually involved A LOT of people and money.

Doing this project without a production house, based on a small voluntary core team, in their free time, make such a process even longer.

That’s why your support is key to bettering our working conditions and making this process faster.

Support us on our Ulule page and discover meaningful counterparts.

What do you mean by a semi-professional production?

I (Rodrigue, productor and co-director of Nave Tierra) will talk from a personal perspective.

I am passionate about documentaries for a while now, and I always dreamed to one day realize my own one about a meaningful topic.

When the sanitary crisis started, the opportunity to make it was so strong that I jump on the occasion, even if I was a novice, I knew that I will learn during the process as a good autodidact as I am.

But this lack of experience at the beginning led me to give myself too ambitious goals by wanting to realize this documentary too fast, as well as to make some beginner mistakes.

Hopefully, I was accompanied by Marisol and Jorge, which help me to understand better different aspects of realizing and audiovisual, then get trained by Ciclic, meeting and exchanging with professionals from the audiovisual industry, which made me understand that even for a short movie, the development process can turn to be sometimes many years.

So I slow down, review what we had, and keep received more experiences from other professionals from France, Chile and Argentina, got assisted by Alexis from ONI Films and self-trained myself by reading about documentary realization and production.

This let me the space to mature the project, make it stronger and better organised and respect the fact that we – the whole team – are working on it voluntarily because we believe that this project is worth the effort.

Today I’m much more confident, resilient and realistic with regard to my capacities and the one of the crew involved in the project, as well as what needs to be done and how to make it become reality.

If you what to support such a project and dream, you can visit our Ulule page.


Resources 🌞

Eager to know more?
Here you go!

Extras 🌌

Discover all our extra content created around the documentary and available on our social networks (interviews, definitions, mini-guides, news etc.)

Logbook 📖

Rodrigue’s travel logbook with the sustainable solutions experimented during his journey will be published in the future.

A first version of it will be accessible as an Ulule reward as well as the access to Rodrigue’s virtual library.

Press kit 📢

Discover more technical details about the project thanks to Nave Tierra’s Press Kit (Available in French, English and Spanish)

For any press or partnership contact please check out our contact form bellow!

Super link 🔗

Find all the important links (crew members, partners, press, etc) gravitating around the project thanks to this unique link : 

>> linktr.ee/navetierra.docu <<

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Contact us 📧

You would like to contact us? Tell about the project? Propose a partnership? Ask about diffusion? Or propose some help?  

Use this short contact form and we will be soon in touch!

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