Greenhouse of the Future – Grow food the whole year in your house

The fusion between technology and ecology promises tremendous upheaval. Especially in terms of housing. Creating a form of symbiosis between nature and buildings, it can finally meet the conditions of a passive house, self-sufficient, comfortable and economical! Example with “the Greenhouse of the Future”.

Designed by a Canadian community called “La Serre du Futur”, this lush greenhouse is both a place of life, relaxation and agricultural production. Its secret? Combine the power of nature with modern know-how.

And, good news, everyone would be able to build this futuristic house, autonomous and respectful of the environment! Its designers have produced a DVD that shares their experience, their advices and their construction plans. To get an idea of what this gives, here is the trailer :

Let’s admit that it can give us some desires, especially these days when we must reluctantly start to push the heating back in the house!

Take inspiration from nature to ensure a future that is comfortable and respectful of our environment. Here is undoubtedly a working track to privilege more than ever!

This kind of building is based on the 6 sutainable principles of the Earthship 1 :


1 – Thermal/solar heating and cooling

2 – Renewable energy use : Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, …

3 – Water Harvesting

4 – Contained sewage system

5 – Building with natural and recycled material

6 – Food Production


To learn more about this “greenhouse of the future” and, why not, you build one, here is the site on which you can buy the Kit Online or DVD format.


Sustainability and resilience pass throught our lifestyle. Creating living space that are as beautiful than optimal is one of the solutions to create local change to global challenges.

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