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“We have to spread social, ecological and economical solutions, by making them accessible and enjoyable to the majority of the population, to improve day to day life on the long term, now.” - Rodrigue Rabier Fuenzalida

what is Eudaimon-ECP?

Eudaimon, Earth Citizens’ Project is an NGO and non-profit founded in 2018, based on a holacratic organization aiming at spreading awareness and sustainable solutions for a transformed, more resilient and fair world.

We are an international youth think-tank of Inform’Actors, taking part in the global movement for an ecological and social shift of our global society.


We make alternative and resilient solutions to current global challenges, accessible and widespread, through user-friendly online platforms and work with sustainable and intentional communities and institutions all around the globe.

By doing so, we intend to empower individuals to have a positive impact on themselves and their communities as a whole.


We envision a world that reached humankind maturity, in other words, resilient and fair renaissance in these challenging decades, permiting every human to live happy and in dignity.

To us the best kind of revolution lies in cooperation, sharing knowledge and empathy.



From respect for civilizational
achievements to concerns about the
future of human population, we adopt a humanist viewpoint.


These experiences do not lead nowhere.
We want to see humankind getting as far
as it can and learn from its mistakes.

With our species and our planet.
If you want to go fast, go 
If you want to go far, go together.


Because each word and the definition we have of it shapes our reality, it’s important to define them well.


Eudaimon is originally derived from the Greek “Eudaimonia” (“Ευδαιμονία”), often translated as “human happiness” or “human welfare”.

This ancient word was a key concept to the philosophy of classical thinkers such as Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle.

Etymologically, it consists of “eu” (good) and “daimon” (spirit).

* * * * * * *

We adapted Eudaimon’s definition to our current time and challenges :

“Eudaimon means seeking the best that humankind can be and do to live happily, in dignity, and in symbiosis with our planet”

We ALL deserve to find our Eudaimon.



Eudaimon is based on an innovative and collaborative governance system called Holacracy.

 It’s a social technology in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being in a management hierarchy.

Tired of the hierarchy structure in your organization? then try Holacracy –  Social Innovators Home

It aims to empower people to make meaningful decisions and drive change.

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Eudaimon-ECP was created by a global group of citizens and changemakers, working together toward 4 initial projects :

EUDAIMONPEDIA 🔍 - The solutions' platform

It’s an interactive and user friendly platform sharing worldwide solutions that everyone can adopt depending on their scale and needs for sustainable and fair living.

Status : Main project running

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WORLD PATH 🗺️ - Travel with meaning

This project consists in empowering the people to make their travel more meaningful, richer in experience (awareness and cultural discoveries), and more sustainable through sharing tips and experiences.

This project is under a test version with Rodrigue’s Economade journey.

Status : Project in stand by due to COVID19 and its consequences, next milestones expected for 2022

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CHANGEMAKERS NETWORK 🌐 - Connect local changemakers

This project aims to spread and apply solutions locally with intentional communities, and groups through group actions and events (gatherings, workshops, conferences, debates, …) then connect active changemakers with the global community to share outcomes.

Status : Part of the project in stand by due to COVID19 and its consequences, other part related with the project Eudaimonpedia.

>> See more (Soon available)

SMART CITY 🍀 - The Sustainable Research Center

Research‌ ‌and‌ ‌educational‌ ‌center‌ ‌investigating and developing resilient‌ ‌societies and sustainable practices (urban and rural),‌ ‌emerging‌ ‌from‌ ‌an‌ ‌eco-center.

Status : In hold / next milestone undetermined

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