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Eudaimon is proud to be a non-profit organization aiming at spreading awareness and sustainable solutions

what is Eudaimon-ECP?

Let’s build a better future together

Eudaimon, Earth Citizens Project is an NGO and non-profit aiming at spreading awareness and sustainable solutions for a more resilient and fair world.

We aim to be inform’actors, part of the global movement for an ecological and social shift of our global society.

Our goal is to make alternative solutions for global problems (such as sustainable practices, innovations, philosophies, …) accessible and widespread through online platforms and interacting with other communities around the globe.


By doing so, we intend to empower individuals to have a positive impact on themselves and their communities as a whole.


We believe that the best kind of revolution lies within cooperation, sharing knowledge and empathy.

What does “Eudaimon” mean?

Coming from ancient Greek Eudaimonia (a central concept in Socrates, Plato, and  Aristotle‘s philosophies), it is often translated as happiness or well-being. However “human flourishing” would be a more accurate translation.

Etymologically, it consists of “eu” (good) and “daimon” (spirit).

To us, Eudaimon means :

“The best that humanity can be and can do, in agreement with our planet and the other living beings with whom we share it while collaborating with them.”


Eudaimon-ECP is a global group of citizens and changemakers, working together toward 3 main projects :

EUDAIMONPEDIA 🔍 - The solutions' platform

Eudaimonpedia is our main project currently running.

It’s an interactive and user friendly platform sharing worldwide solutions that everyone can adopt depending on their scale and needs for sustainable and fair living.

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WORLD PATH 🗺️ - Travel with meaning

This project consist in empowering the people to make there travel more meaningful, richer in experience (awareness and cultural discoveries) and more sustainable through sharing tips and experiences.

We aim to make a benefits program for
globetrotters willing to make their journey

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CHANGEMAKERS NETWORK 🌐 - Connect local changemakers

This project aims to spread global solutions locally with intentional communities and groups through group actions and events (gatherings, workshops, conferences, debates, …) and share with the global community the best practices and outcomes.

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  • For Medias and Press: rodrigue[at]eudaimon-ecp.org
  • For Partnerships, Memberships and Donations: louis[at]eudaimon-ecp.org
  • For Website and Technical Concerns: julien[at]eudaimon-ecp.org
  • For other: contact[at]eudaimon-ecp.org

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