Eudaimon Projects aim to permit everyone to live in dignity by reaching a more fair & sustainable lifestyle

The Eudaimon Projects are the result of exchanges and shared dreams since 2011 as well as a willingness to use the opportunities of communication & sharing that we have in the 21st century to help in the building a world more just, fair & sustainable.   


We believe that everyone should be able to access basic needs but also have to balance their personal lives with our collective life because we are all on the same, wonderful & unique planet, lost somewhere in the universe.  

In our eyes, a Green, Sustainable & Solidary Renaissance is possible & necessary in the 21st century, so that we can all live properly and ensure a better future for future generations, and avoid or at least considerably reduce, the harmful effects that our current civilization has on the living world.  


These projects aim to inform the whole world, regardless of their origins and age, concerning alternatives & sustainable way of life from all over the world to enable them to reach their “Eudaimon”


Our 4 main projects :


The participative wiki of sustainable & fair alternatives for the global transition accessible to all. 


World Path

The spiritual & humanist international path through all the world, linking self & others discovery as well as solidarity projects.

Changemakers’ Network

The network of creators of change in collaboration with other NGOs andstructures acting in the transition.


Self-sufficience City

The modeling of an innovative self-sufficient city, recreating a viable ecosystem & ensuring the well-being of its citizens.


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