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Nave Tierra is a humanist documentary project carried out by Rodrigue, which was born during the COVID health crisis in 2020, when half the world found itself in quarantine.

Since Eudaimon is a partner of the eco-nomadic project that Rodrigue led until now, exploring alternative lifestyles, production and habitat, we decided to share with you his new project, which is entering into the dynamics of our association.

Explanations of the project by Rodrigue


I am Rodrigue, a 25-year-old Frenchman who swapped his comfortable European life with a work-sleep metro routine to live for 16 months (July 2019) an eco-responsible nomadic journey around the world, starting with the Americas.

From hitchhiking, horseback riding, trekking, and more to come!

The COVID crisis having blocked my trip in Argentina, in the “Comarca Andina” (Heart of the Andes), in El Bolson, I wanted to find out how I could have a local and global impact.

Month and a half volunteership during the COVID pandemic: Construction of an Earthship

You should know that El Bolson and its surroundings are renowned in Argentina and Latin America for being the “Patagonian capital of bioconstruction“, so I took advantage of my quarantine to meet local change agents acting for a more sustainable world.

Below, El Bolson and around Comarca Andina, in the heart of the Patagonian Cordillera

Along the way, I met Marisol, an Argentinian with the same desire as me: to document the actions of local change agents and see how their knowledge could contribute to the improvement of society in general (rural and urban)


We therefore decided to make a documentary on the permacultural philosophy by interviewing several  changemakers in the region affecting different areas (Construction, agriculture, waste management, appropriate technologies, local life and economy)


Permaculture, a set of practices and a philosophy of life focusing on well-being

This documentary will be divided into 3 parts (De donde venimos?> Where do we come from?; Que somos?  > What are we?; A donde vamos? > Where are we going?) and will be in Spanish with subtitles in French and English.


Team picture of the first Clean Walk I organized with the young citizen collective Mision Comarca Limpia.

Along with the documentary, I will carry out Clean Walks actions (cleaning up illegal dumps in a natural environment) with travelers and local citizens, as well as share on social networks simple and concrete actions proven to have a positive impact.


Some examples of tested and approved solutions!


In these difficult and depressing times, we feel the need to express a path of hope: Hope for a healthier, more just and sustainable world. Move from a consumerist world to a pragmatic and resilient world, a world where well-being is king.


Everyone can change for the better, you just have to accept to take the plunge and get out of your comfort zone.


For us, this documentary aims to approach these topics from the point of view of the people who chose to act.

Show that we can all come from a world that does not necessarily follow our values, and evolve to change it. See how some made their transition and what their advice is for people who want to follow their example.

Nous voulons montrer que l’humanité peut mieux faire, dans lintérêt général, pour son propre bien et celui de ses enfants.

We want to show that humanity can do better, in the general interest, for its own good and that of its children.

 In parallel with these projects, I am also involved in Eudaimon, Earth Citizens Projects, a young 1901 law NGO whose mission and vision tend towards the same objective.


We are already on site and are a technical team of 3 people (at the moment):

Rodrigue Rabier (France): Producer, network coordinator, interviewer and sound engineer

Marisol Sanabria (Argentina): Producer, Artistic director and photography

Jorge Uribe (Colombia): Director and Post Production Director

We already have 7 people ready to be interviewed all over the region (Lago Puelo, Cerro Radal, El Bolson, Los Repollos, Mallin), each with their own talents, origins and varied histories.


We currently have in terms of equipment, a professional camera, a lavalier microphone, as well as a tripod on loan to us.


Marisol focusing the camera

Marisol and Jorge have already worked professionally in the audiovisual industry.

We have built up a large network of artists and musicians in the region who can contribute to the soundtrack and visual effects.

We are going to need a means of locomotion to travel the whole town (40 kms separate the 2 most distant interviews) and therefore want to opt for the smoother bike ride for Marisol and myself.

We are planning 2 months to shoot the interviews and the visual animations then around 1 month of editing.


A page on Facebook and Instagram has been created to follow the evolution of the project @navetierra.docu


We estimate our total budget at 5,000 euros.

This budget is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Accommodation and Food (an estimate of 8 euros per day per person): 8 x 2 (people) x 60 (days): approx. 1000 € (960 precisely)
  2. Mobility (2 bikes: 1 equipped with bags to carry the equipment for me; 1 normal for Marisol): approx. 700 €
  3. Editing and Interviews: approx. € 1,800 (cash PC edition, programs, and professional presentation)
  4. Video equipment: approx. € 1,500 (Tripod, recorder, stabilizer, hard disks and memory cards)

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