Vortex Bladeless – A Wind Turbine without Blade

Imagine a wind turbine. It is big and its blades turn with the wind. Now, imagine it smaller but without blades… and that is the invention of Spanish company – Vortex Bladeless. Let’s discover an idea that brings a fresh wind of innovation into the world of renewable energy.

The idea emerged in 2002 when David Yáñez, the inventor, saw a video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster. That led him to the idea of a bladeless wind turbine. In 2013 he founded Vortex Bladeless S.L. – Spanish startup dedicated to wind energy.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of this bladeless wind turbine:

  • It does not make noise,

  • It adapts better to the landscape,

  • It is harmless to birds,

  • Its construction requires less material,

  • It is lighter and respectful to the environment, its installation and maintenance are easier.

Other strengths are that it leads to 53% reduction in construction costs, 51% of operating costs, 80% of maintenance costs, 40% of CO2 emissions reduction and the produced energy would have cost of 40% less.

Picture Credit : Vortex Bladeless / Facebook

Other important features: the engine installed at the top of a conventional wind turbine is moved to the base and is made of carbon fiber and glass.

 Picture Credit : Ingenieros.es

Several colors and models will be available as these wind turbines are not only intended for companies producing renewable energy, it is also a product for domestic use. In other words, you could install it in your garden without causing noise or visual interruption to your neighbors.

 Picture Credit : Vortex Bladeless / Facebook

The range will consist of 3 models :

  • Vortex Atlantis: 3 meters height and 100W generation capacity, working along with solar panels, mainly to bring energy to off grid locations.

  • Vortex Mini: 13 meters height and 4 kW generation capacity, mainly for small-scale/residential wind.

  • Vortex Grand: 150 meters height and 1MW generation capacity, capable of generating electricity for 400 houses.

In this video, David Yáñez, co-founder of Vortex Bladeless, discusses the origin and principle of the idea:

The Vortex Bladeless has already won 5 Awards :

  • The Latin American Entrepreneurship Award in 2011,

  • Fondo de Emprendedores Fundación Repsol Award in 2012,

  • The South Summit Award in 2014 (in the category of energy and industry),

  • ‘Caja de Ingenieros’ Entrepreneurs Award in 2014

  • “Renovable del Año 2016“ Award of the 10th ‘Abulenses’ phase of Energy, in 2016.

The most important with such kind of innovation, is that this technology is only at its begins. The tests and new improvements will probably make those wind turbine better & more efficient!

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