The Menstrual Cup

 A little, discreet, flexible and bell- shaped cup which goes into the vagina to collect period blood. It replaces tampons and menstrual pads. Unquestionably, a revolution. 


What are the main advantages of the menstrual cup? 

It’s a huge money saver! 

It costs between 15€ to 30€ and it can be used for up to 10 years. It is nothing compared to the prices of the tampons and pads, which in half of EU countries are still taxed as if they were luxury items and thus every month make you wonder about how unfair it is to be a woman.  

It’s hygienic! 
  • In the first place, it is healthier. There are no chemical products and fragrances in the cup apart from the silicon-based material which is made of. After each period, you have to disinfect it by boiling it, so it can be re-used. 
  •  It doesn’t irritate your skin and it isn’t hard like a tampon at the end of the period. It’s also an effective solution to avoid the exposure to vaginal dryness and infections which are strongly related to the usage of tampons and pads. 
  •  It is odourless because the blood isn’t oxidized by the air.  
It is fairly convenient

No need to have a whole stock of tampons or to be asking your friends for one.  

  • You can wear the cup a bit before the beginning of the period, that wouldn’t be of any harm. 
  • During the period you can allow yourself to be way more carefree, so care less if you don’t dispose of a toilet in your surroundings for more than a few hours. 
  •  You put it in the morning and it can take up to 12 hours before the next cleaning.
It’s ecological! 

Yes, because it can be used for many years, but it’s also the ultimate solution to all that waste that is generated by tampons and pads in the trash can or, even worse, in the toilet drains. With the cup, you effectively become an active participant in the ecological transition by reducing your amount of daily waste! 

It’s trendy! 

In northern America, most of the women now have the cup. A few years ago, the cup arrived in France but somehow French women didn’t dig it, so it went off the market. As of now, you can find many different types and colours for all women on the internet! You can find it in pharmacies and eco shops, drugstores and even in supermarkets. 

Some precautions : 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before inserting the cup to avoid infections and bacteria. 
  • Clean the cup before and after use with warm water and a mild soap. 
  • The risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TTS), which is usually associated with tampon use, is quite low for the menstrual cup. However, to be safe make sure to wear it no longer than 12 hours without emptying and cleaning it. 

Menstrual cups are usually safe as long as you insert them with clean hands, remove them carefully, and clean them appropriately. 



Is it hard to use? 

Of course, the first time trying to put it in is a bit tough. It takes some time to feel at ease with your body and its natural processes. Usually, you just have to fold the board and gently push it inside while maintaining it folded that way. Anyway, you can be sure that once it’s inserted in the vagina, it just won’t bother you at all and there’s every chance you might almost forget that you have it on! 

After the very first days, you understand how it works and it becomes easier and less frustrating!  

Do I have to boil it every day? 

 During the period, as you take it off, you just have to water-rinse and use a mild soap, then you put it back in. If you don’t have a sink near your toilet, you just need a small water bottle with you! 

It is recommended to be boiled at the end of each period to sanitize the cup 

Is it going to overflow? 

No, that can only rarely happen if you don’t pay some attention from time to time. There are different cup sizes and shapes to suit every woman’s body and period flow. 


How can I remove it, if it works as a suction cup? 

Usually, it has a little hook-shaped edge that can be easily and painlessly grabbed from the vulva, then you simply have to squeeze the cup between two fingers once the 1/3 of it is already out: this makes some air go through and it comes out smoothly like a gift from the sky! And no, if you squeeze it, in general, it doesn’t overflow.