90 actions for change now

Change is possible, and that it might be easier than what you think to face ecological and social crisis of the century.

 Why and what?

All part of the problem and of the solution, we are all responsible.

This page gather 5 “short” lists of the different kind of actions on 5 levels (Individual, collective, corporates, regional, global) that can be done to reverse climate change and insure social stability locally and globally.

We all have to act as one if we want to survive and insure a living future to the coming generations. Protesting is good to raise awareness, but actions are more important. 



Withing Eudaimon goals, we aim to empower citizens around the world to build a positive and transformative change around them.

That’s why we are happy to share with you those resources that we have tested and hope they will help you!

Individual actions 🙋‍♀️ (personal & family level)

  • Citizenship

    • Lobby your local politicians to adopt green and social policies;
    • Join a climate action committee (Debates, Activities, Workshop, Actions, …);
    • Participate in a non-violent civil disobedience (NVCD) action;
    • Volunteer for an NGO;
  • Food

    • Buy & eat local and/or organic;
    • Reduce meat consumption (Flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, …);
    • Grow food and medicinal plants (for people), flowers (for pollinators) and plant trees;
    • Create insects’ hostel;
  • Consumption

    • Refuse disposable plastic (plastic bottle, bags, …) by using reusable alternatives;
    • Make DIY cosmetics & cleaning products;
    • Switch to ethical & people bank;
    • Boycott companies that don’t have an environmental and social responsible business (deforestation, delocalization, child labor, programed obsolescence, palm oil, GMO, …)
  • Energy :

    • Reduce energy consumption (insulate home, use natural refrigeration, use clothes lines, use LED, …),
    • Insolate your home (roof, floor, walls, doors & windows),
    • Build passive house or renovate your current one,
    • Subscribe to renewable energy provider,
    • Produce own energy (Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Watermills & Biogas)
  • Water:

    • Collect rainwater
    • Reduce water consumption (change for 2in1 toilet and sink, aerator water faucet on tap, …)
  • Mobility :

    • Use public and fossil free transportation (bus, trains, bikes, carpooling, car shares, EV, …)
Collective actions 👨‍👩‍👦 (communities, districts & cities)


  • Local economy

    • Create local/complementary currency
    • Make cooperatives (for food, energy, tools, …),
    • Create space for pooling common resources & tools not use on daily/monthly basis


  • Community

    • Build community gardens
    • Join an intentional community and volunteer
    • Create/Join a citizens comities (debates, initiatives, workshop, actions)
    • Train people and organize non-violent civil disobedience (e.g. Extinction Rebellion, ANV COP21, La Ronce) :
      • Block / slow down traffic circulation (main streets, bridges, highway entrance, …),
      • Block entrance to ecocide corporation and discuss with the workers to sensibilize them about your concerns,
      • Investing ultra-consumerism places (malls, groceries entrance), organize activities, little circles of discussions & debates, elect a reporter that will share results of the discussion in general assembly,
      • Block big-polluters production site.
  • Food

    • Build urban gardens and hives
    • Create free community/solidary fridges
    • Ban the use of chemical pesticides
    • Create pollinators garden
    • Plant fruit trees in parks and avenues


  • Mobility

    • Limit cars access and make more pedestrian streets
    • Create more bike paths & racks
    • Invest more in public transportation: Bus, tramways, light rail transit, …


  • Material

    • Create collaborative repair-cafés
    • Produce biochar (use as bio fertilizer, decontamination of soil, carbon sequestration, water treatment, …)
    • Produce hemp (for oxygen production, building material, food, textile, …)


  • Waste

    • Install district recycling cooperative to up-cycle recyclable waste as new base material
    • Create collective compost bins/spots
    • Install biogas collective plant
Political and juridical actions 🏛 (municipal, regional and national)



  • Instore a majority judgement voting system,
  • Instore popular initiatives (see from Switzerland)
  • Create randomly elected citizen convention that will be trained to debate and make proposals on important subjects (like climate, education, democracy, economy, constitution, …),
  • Replace senate by a randomly elected assembly,
  • Create secured app where citizens would have 48h to give their final word about a law votation
  • Permit youth to vote (from 16 y.o.).


  • Stop free trade, promote fair trade,
  • Define “dirty” and “clean” activities, make companies report their impacts
  • Penalize polluting activities, tax kerosene and tax carbon on borders,
  • Tax financial transactions,
  • Tax AI & robotic labor,
  • Tax advertisement online,
  • Divest taxpayers’ money from fossil economy, and invest instead in regenerative economy and renewable energy cooperative,
  • Curb short-termism on financial market
  • Force finance to work for common goods instead of profit,
  • Create investment funds for reforestation,
  • Increase taxes for far travelling food (e.g. from other continent)
  • Reduce taxes for local produced food (e.g. in the 100km around),
  • Create a “Personal Carbon Allowances” currency that complete the national currency,
  • Instore the universal basic income,
  • Insure equal salary between men & women
  • Adopt a Green New Deal (e. g. USA)
  • Adopt a carbon law (e.g. Stockholm)



  • Educate at school about permaculture, sustainability, preserving food, intercultural learnings, critical thinking, making researches, empathy & cooperation
  • Base pedagogy on the theory of multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner), social-emotional development and child centered pedagogy,
  • Make more outside activities, in contact of nature: in forests, gardens, …
  • Get kids involved in the school programs (see Democratic & Freinet’s school)
  • No punishment : Use moral understanding, teach to forgive



  • Build HUGE national reserve (Forests, seas, … all biologically significant regions) and protect indigenous land,
  • Apply marine permaculture
  • Give Rights of Nature (for non-human species and lands).



  • Insure a fair public health insurance system (like the French)


    Business actions 💼 (small, medium and corporate business)


    • Pay taxes where the company is making income, stop fiscal evasion.
    • Disinvest from ecocide / short term vision projects (fossil fuel, deforestation, mining, …)
    • Invest in circular / regenerative economy and long term vision



    • Relocalizate jobs & production
    • Re-distribute the ownership of the companies (none pyramidal structure, like holocracy)
    • Stop business trips, use visioconferences
    • Promote work-office job if possible
    • Switch to a donut/democratic economic model
    • Pay partially for the workers ride if using public transportation to come to work
    • Offer bonus to the workers coming to work by bike
    • Take responsability and clean your mess (Ocean, trash, waste, …)


    Global 🌏

    • Preserve & restore what we have


    • Create a global minister/council of sustainability and of the Earth’s regeneration


    • Create an international trail of climate crimes and ecocide (for countries & corporations)

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