Concrete solutions for a responsible lifestyle

What is an Eud’Action?


Eud’Actions are open sources thematic pedagogical mind-map gathering solutions & concepts by categories on a particular topic gathering many solutions present in the Eudaimonpedia’s Metis Mind-Map.


They aimed to empower the people to contribute in an individual and collective change through more or less simple actions, which would result in the improvement of their daily welfare and well-being, as well as to participate in the construction of a more cooperative, fair and just world for all.

All our Eud’Actions are made in License Common CreativeModification AuthorizedNon-CommercialShare Alike  (CC-BY-NC-SA) because we believe that the access to such solutions should be accessible to all. To learn more about such kind of license click here. 

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  Eud’Actions already available!

Eud’Action #1 – Urban Shared Garden

This Eud'Action is an answer to most of modern cities' problem : they are profoundly unsustainable and unresilient.  On this page you will find hundreds of things you can with your neighbours to recreate an oasis of life and community locally.Urban abandonated...



  Eud’Actions currently under creation

Eud’Action #2 

Zero Waste Lifestyle


Eud’Action #3 

Ecological Housing


Eud’Action #4 

Responsible Diets

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