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Welcome to the Resource Space of Eudaimon-ECP

Where change-makers forge their arsenal.

In a world crying out for transformation, we are happy to unveils Eudaimon’s Resource Space : a living library designed to equip, inspire, and catalyze the change-makers of tomorrow.

Here, you’ll find not just tools, but beacons to light your path towards conscious and impactful action. 

“The mediocre teacher tellsThe good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstratesThe great teacher inspires.”

William Arthur Ward

Why this space?

In the two million years of our existence, humanity has achieved various revolutions.

The last 12,000 years have catapulted us to the forefront of Earth’s civilization, a testament to our capacity to observe, experiment, learn, and share our discoveries.

This collective wisdom has been the bedrock of human development, propelling us toward greater knowledge and understanding.

Now, as we stand on the dawn of a new revolution—one rooted in sustainability—it’s clear that every journey towards change begins with a single step.

To embark on this transformative path, you need more than just intention. You need tangible, tested resources. From practical guides to authentic experiences, we invite you to dive into a treasure trove of valuable information.

We aspire that these resources will not only inform but inspire, elevating your quest for a better world and readying you to take part in the next great leap of human civilization.

Are you ready to join the next revolution at the dawn of sustainability? 🌄



Ressources published

Brief Global Chronology

Brief Global Chronology

Take an insight in the odyssey of the Universe history from the Big-Bang to nowadays through stunning global chronologies.

Useful links for Change

Useful links for Change

A collaborative repertory of free tools and websites for social and ecological changemakers.


Discover. Learn. Share. Transform.

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