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May | 2023

“Small drops of water make mighty rivers.” – African Proverb

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Dear Earth explorers, 

Welcome aboard on the newsletter of our Nave Tierra project, a vessel of discovery and transformation where every grain of sand counts. This newsletter is the #10 since the beginning of the project, but the 1st one available online and in multilingual. 

On the agenda today : a journey through Chile and Patagonia, news from the Ulule and news meaningful counterparts to discover, the rebirth of a scorched earth, an intense winter ahead and some updates from our engaged community! 🌍

Ready? Let’s go!

🌿 Nave Tierra’s Ulule : Next stop, 27th of June!

We have decided to reschedule the start of our Ulule campaign for June. This decision allow us to refine all the details in order to offer you a high-quality crowdfunding campaign. This Ulule will help us to realize the completion of our series and its post-production with peace of mind.

But that’s not all! You will find on the page the first teaser of the project! We have also planned committed and original rewards to thank you for your support, some examples on the picture aside.

So don’t wait any longer check it out and sign up now to be informed of its launch! 


🎒 Rodrigue, our economade, hits the road again!

From Concepción, he shared his knowledge and experience during the first Nave Tierra conference with the Infolab at the CIJ, and explored Talcahuano, one of Chile’s oldest sacrificial zones. Soon, you will be able to discover his adventure through a video on our YouTube channel.

He then continued his journey by returning to Argentine Patagonia, where he joined Jorge. Together, they met the directors of the self-produced documentary “Antiguos Modernos“, which took them a whopping 7 and a half years of production, putting the project’s production process into perspective.

They also made progress on the project, sequenced the episodes of the complete series, and filmed the final missing pieces to the narrative of our miniseries. Now that everything is in the can, we can finally start the editing process! ✂


🌳 Earth Day: Together, we plant the seeds of hope

On the occasion of Earth Day, we joined Cada Casa un Arbol to plant a few trees in an area affected by a huge fire in 2021. 🔥

This experience allowed us to see how nature takes back its rights, slowly but surely. 

Find a short video of this action on our Youtube channel here.  

❄️ Winter is coming in Latin America: A refuge in the heart of the Andes

With the return of the El Niño phenomenon, winter in Latin America is looking intense : – 8°C the evening that this newsletter was written. Rodrigue will take refuge in Chile in the Cajon del Maipo, a corridor in the heart of the Andes near Santiago, where he will look after a house. From there, he will begin the process of derushing (1 teraocte of data and around 4600 files are waiting for him) and give his French Classes to sustain himself and the project.

This period will be also the occasion to meet ecological communities of the corridor as well as activists of the area.


🎥 Oni Films & OZP: Not-to-be-missed events!

Oni Films, after the screening of their first short film “Un Regard” dealing with domestic violence at the Carmes Cinema and the CRIJ-Centre Val de Loire , will be present at the Orléans Street Show on June 10th and the Festiv’Asso on June 17th. Exclusive footage from Nave Tierra will be presented, so come and visit them! More things coming soon with them in June! 🎬

On the other hand, Objectif Zéro Plastique and La Fresque du Plastique represented by Jules Vagner, participated in the intergovernmental session against plastic pollution organized by the United Nations. We invite you to follow their actions closely, as well as the discussions on this sensitive and crucial issue of our time! 

📖 TAO editions: Prepare your eco-responsible summer vacations!

TAO editions have released their new guide, “Europe without a plane“, perfect for planning eco-responsible summer vacations. 

Discover all the possibilities at your reach in it through their website and make your next summer trip impactful and meaningful! 

🌱  🌱  🌱

Dear explorers, your dreams guide us, your support nourishes us. Every gesture counts in our journey towards a world more respectful of the Earth. 🍃

Continue to follow the development of our project, sign up on our Ulule page, subscribe to our YouTube channel and together, let’s change the world, one seed at a time. 

We are proud to have such a committed and caring community by our side, and you are our greatest motivation. See you soon for new adventures.

With all our gratitude,

– The Nave Tierra team 🌱

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