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June | 2023

“Small drops of water make mighty rivers.” – African Proverb

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Dear Earth explorers,

Just like an author writes words on the pages of a book, our actions are like indelible ink marking the chapters of Earth’s grand narrative. We are here to share a transformative chapter of this saga, symbolizing hope and progress, all encapsulated in the captivating Nave Tierra project. 🖋️

Have you ever thought about what it means to take a significant step towards a sustainable future? 🌍

It’s not just about big steps but also about small daily steps that pave the way for an environmentally respectful and harmonious existence. 🚶‍♀️🌱

Ready to receive your dose of inspiration?

Let’s go!


🎉 Celebrating 4 years of Economade experience 

ing This Saturday, July 1st, Rodrigue, one of the nomadic souls behind Nave Tierra, where life and philosophies resonate with the ethics of sustainable living, celebrates four years of economadism. 🎉

A privileged glimpse into his daily life and current place of residence will be unveiled in a video published on our social media channels and YouTube channel. 📽️🏡

Discover the journey, experience, and knowledge acquired by Rodrigue during these four years of ecological and human quest.🌱

The project “Nave Tierra” tells such a journey by offering an intimate exploration of the past four years of Rodrigue’s economadic experience, revealing a profound story of dedication, perseverance, and commitment. 🎥✨🤝


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🤝 Welcome aboard Ilonka and Brian to the Nave Tierra crew!

The crew of Nave Tierra is enriched with two new creative energies: Ilonka and Brian. ✨


Ilonka takes the reins of our social media communication and content creation; you will undoubtedly notice her unique touch. 💫


Brian (aka Poli), a young web expert, lends a hand in developing our website. 🌐

If you have skills to share, we are always on the lookout for talents to enhance our newsletters 💌 and create captivating designs 🎨 for our social media.

🌧️ The El Niño phenomenon and its impacts 

El Niño phenomenon is back, hitting, among other areas, the central-southern region of Chile with extreme weather conditions: very strong winds and historically abundant rainfall after many dry months. 🌧️

Despite the inclement weather, the haven of peace that Rodrigue maintains has managed to resist thanks to a rich indigenous vegetation that nurtures the soil and absorbs water. 🌿💦

A vivid reminder that a healthy nature is our best ally in the face of climate challenges. 🌱

Find here a short video to learn more about what can be done to prevent the negative effects of such events: link.


🚶 Discover the Tiny House under construction! 

The “Des Idées Qui Cheminent” Association has finally achieved 100% of its crowdfunding goals, enabling the complete realization of their autonomous Tiny House. 🎉

Their objective is to inspire change through living example by creating this experimental mobile habitat and offering a wide range of awareness activities on topics such as climate change, biodiversity, minimalism, zero waste and low-techs. 🌍🌱

You can find them in Tours, France, at the Terre de Son festival from July 7th to 9th, and at the Beaumonts coworking space in Tours to see the progress of the project every Tuesday and Wednesday until October 2023. 🏕️🚧

🌳 Learn to create your own autonomous house! 

After the construction of the Région Centre’s first Earthship at the Ecolieu Les Verts de Terre in Sologne, Tatiana Chartrain and Pascal Veronneau have published their first book “For an autonomous house” from Editions Rustica. 🏡📚

This book covers in 5 chapters: bioclimatic design, producing your own energy (heating, electricity, hot water, cooking), water (recovery, filtration and management of wastewater), ventilation and food autonomy. 🌿💡💧🌬️🍎

These reflections will feed your thought for your future habitat or for a renovation. Discover their book here. ✨

🌱  🌱  🌱

Together, we are writing a new story 📝, one of a world where harmony with nature is not a utopia but a reachable reality. 🌿 Every action matters 👐, every voice rises to join the grand choir of the Earth. 🌍

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Looking forward to our next encounter on the paths of the future, ✨

With all our gratitude, 🙏

– The Nave Tierra team 🌱

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