You are willing to create change around you? You want to be part of a change-making team? You’re in the right place!

who are we?

We are motivated citizens willing to make an impactful change.

Eudaimon is a network of active citizens from all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds, uniting themselves to build a more mindful, resilient, and just future for all.

We are realist idealists, concerned by social and environmental big challenges of our time, investigating, testing, and sharing solutions from all over the world.

Do you know the hummingbird tale?

Once upon a time...

A raging fire was burning in the jungle.

It's such an overwhelming disaster that all of the animals are watching the conflagration in shock.

A hummingbird says, “I'm going to do something about the fire."

It flies to the nearest stream and takes a drop of water.

It races back to the fire, where it drops the water onto the flames. Back and forth it goes, over and over, while the larger animals — like the elephant whose trunk could deliver so much more water — stand watching.

Eventually they ask the hummingbird, “What do you think you can do? You're too little!"

Without pausing, the hummingbird answers: "I'm doing what I can"

The story has a simple message :


“I may feel insignificant, but I certainly don’t want to be like the animals watching the planet go down the drain. I will be a hummingbird. I will do the best I can.”

Wangari Maathai

Social, environmental and political activist and first African woman to receive the Nobel Prize

With Eudaimon, we intente to provide a positive understanding of the world we are living in, by gathering the Earth’s citizens some steps further their differences, to use, develop and improve their talents, by learning the keys to find their personnal Eudaimon and by contributing together to the world’s well-being through spreading knowledge and concrete collective actions.


 This is what our DLSC motto stands for :





People of Eudaimon

Eudaimon is composed of a large range of people, with different background, nationalities, involvements, all willing to better a better tomorrow.

What connect them is their will to learn, promote concrete solutions and be changemakers!


As a contributor you can make ponctual contributions like : proposing new content (Solutions, Changemakers, …), giving feedbacks and advices, participing in events.


As a volunteer you undertake deeper actions with Eudaimon. You can participate in the NGO operational life: participate in events & circles, local actions & workshop, …


As a member you support the NGO with your annual membership. You can take part in a college and be part of the inner life of the NGO by taking part of the Orientation and the Steering Circle.



Discover our opened teams, join one and create new opportunities for you and others!

Our current main missions open to contributors :

Redaction & Audition

Eudaimonpedia is a participatory library where people are free to write informative, comprehensive and short articles about current global issues and solutions. Our purpose is to inform people about alternative solutions, raise awareness and create a better future together.

Be part of our team if:

  • You are passionate about writing and have specific knowledge to contribute
  • You are a native speaker and would like to be an editor
  • You want to learn more about article writing and learn new things
  • You want to help, but feel unsure about your skills. Don’t worry about it, we offer training.


Apply now!

Webdevlopment & Webdesign

The website is the major communication channel between Eudaimon and the audience. We aim to having a professional looking website with many functionalities which still needs improvement.

Be part of our team if:

  • You are interested in web development, software design, web design
  • You have skills that you would like to contribute
  • You want to learn more about this field and improve your skills


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This team is responsible for all of our communications with our audience, potential partners, new volunteers as well as our own team. Currently we are in need of a Social Media Moderator and Publication Designer.

Be part of our team if:

  • You are passionate about and a regular user of social media and have a skills and information you can contribute
  • You want to express your creativity through posts and pictures edited in software like Canva (training provided if needed)
  • You would like to learn more about our representation in social media and our relationship with it.


Apply now!

What are the benefits for joining a circle?


  • Work with an amazing team of international people with different backgrounds
  • Learn new skills and adopt a new mindset
  • Learn about innovative management and collaborative methods
  • Get self-development tips to make your own dreams become true  
  • Receive training on specific tasks and tools
  • Receive a certificate, proof of your experience
  • Make your contribution towards a better future