Weekly informal online gatherings to share global ideas around challenges and solutions

Why and what?

No need anymore to go far to exchange on global ideas.

Eud’Appetizers gather global citizens from all around the world through online informal regular events to exchange around a specific topic.

Discussion, Debates, Brainstorming, Conferences, Workshops, …

Join an Eud’Appetizer as an observator or an active participant, learn, share and spread awareness about global challenges and local solutions applied to them to make a change! 

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Passed Eud'Appetizers and their reports

Title of the Eud’Appetizer

Link of the report

Eud’Appetizer #1 (24/09/2020)

Collective actions to raise ecological awareness during COVID pandemics


Eud’Appetizer #2 (01/10/2020)

Responsible and affordable food consumption, how could we make it? (Part 1)


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