Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Why and what?

We are a global thinktank and network, empowering local actions

Humankind achieved a revolution, in the 2 millions years of our existence, the last 12.000 years were what took us here.  

 Many reasons to human development could be pointed, but the main one was our capacity to observe, experiment, learn and share our discoveries with others to build greater knowledge and understanding.


Ready for the next revolution?


With Eudaimon-ECP, we propose to citizens fom all over the globe to connect eachother and exchange on meaningful topics.Then to apply change in their local community through impactful actions.

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We are an international group of volunteers working to make accessible platform and content to everyone, to enable everyone to access to basics to live in dignity, fairly and sustainably. 

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You want to take part in a game changing team of global citizens? You are eager to share solutions to change the world for a better in a friendly environment? You want to participe in local and global event raising awareness?

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