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 what are Solutions ID?

ID card format summaries about  solutions for sustainable and fair future for all 🌄

Solution ID are made to be clear, sourced, and in a nutshell introduction about a solution. They are based on Eudaimon contributors proposals.

Example of solution ID content

Solutions ID are made to introduce to a larger public, solutions that enter in different challenge category 🔵, taking various forms 🔺, and could be applied in various scales 🟩 as well as to present their main advantages ➖ and disavantages  ➕ .

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Sol. ID001 – Zeer Pot

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Sol. ID002 – Window Farming

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Sol. ID003 – Vermicompost

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Sol. ID004 – Eco-Cooler

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Sol. ID005 – Home Biodigester

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Sol. ID006 – Rice Duck Farming

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Sol. ID007 – Food Forest

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Sol. ID008 – Biochar / Terra Preta

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Sol. ID009 – Montessori Pedagogy

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Sol. ID010 – Non Violent Communication

Sol. ID011 – Solar Water Heater

Sol. ID012 – Companion Planting

Sol. ID013 – Fog Harvesting

Sol. ID014 – Hans Free Electric

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