Eud’Action #1 – Urban Shared Garden

This Eud’Action is an answer to most of modern cities’ problem : they are profoundly unsustainable and unresilient. 

On this page you will find hundreds of things you can with your neighbours to recreate an oasis of life and community locally.

Urban abandonated wasteland in Paris

  • Have you ever wondered what the dirty court at the foot of your building, this vacant lot next to your house, or that unoccupied lawn could become if people take care of it more?
  •  Are you indignant that today people no longer know how to cooperate, share and build things together? That the individual prevail over living together?


  • That you are dependent on expensive external services to eat well, or to have access to a space of well-being and exchange, for you and your children?
  • Tired of buying tons of objects, tools, and materials, the majority of which you will rarely use or throw away waste per thousand each year?
  • Are you concerned about sustainability and wish to teach about it to kids but can’t afford the time and the expense to bring them in sustainable places and farms?


If you recognize yourself in one of the questions above, don’t worry it’s normal.


Big cities have tended to be really practical in term of “comfort” to access to culture, working opportunities, services and sharing skills as well as to connect us with people we would never expect to meet.


But they also created a very strong dependence on external systems to provide food, energy, water, waste treatment, … , stress  and separation with our local community and neighborhood.

After digging between hundred of solutions coming from all over the world, we asked ourselve, what are the best actions we can do to make cities more sustainable, beautiful, friendly and cooperative that anyone could reappropriate themselves?

One of our answers : Urban Shared Garden.


 Eud’Action #1 – Urban Shared Garden (version 2.0)