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A participative informational platform about worldwide solutions and sustainable alternatives for a common future.

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Eudaimonpedia gather worldwide solutions (knowledge, innovations & alternatives) to the 21st century global issues since 2015.

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Our goal would be to make this mind-map interactive & collaborative.

Eudaimon Ancient Meaning

From the Ancient Greek Eudaimonia (εὐδαιμονία), commonly translated as happiness/welfare; however, “human flourishing/prosperity” has been a more accurate translation. 

Etymologocally : “eu”“good”“daimon”“spirit”

Our Meaning of Eudaimon

For us in nowdays, Eudaimon stand for seekingsharing the best that humanity can be & do, when we get counsciouscollaborate to build togetherbetter tomorrow for all. 

We need to find the balance between our personnalcollective life. 

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