Metis Mind-Map

Eudaimonpedia's solutions mindmap for a global renaissance

Welcome to Eudaimonpedia’s Solutions Mind-Map! 

To have a better view on it you can use the magnifying glass 🔎 to zoom on it on PC to see its details  or open the mindmap here.

Mind-Map designed on SimpleMind by Rodrigue Rabier Fuenzalida for Eudaimon-ECP & its volunteers.

What is a mind-map?
Mind mapping is a practical way to visually organize information.

It’s a form of organized brainstorming, that hierarchizes and shows relationships among pieces of the whole.


It is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center of a blank page, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added.


Why do we use mind-mapping?
.As we believe that there is not 1 solution to resolve all the problems of humanking, and that this is more the combination of multiple solutions from all the one created and tested worldwide, this form seems more like a web, a network and a collective brain to face the challenges we are facing as humankind.

Example of the Metis mind-map in development. Zoom on the Sustainability category.



We usealso this form of representing to  through the different solutions categories and sub-categories. 

How did it started?
The Eudaimonpedia mind-map was the first form of gathering solutions we used and its first elements were installed by Rodrigue Rabier Fuenzalida in 2015 more as a personnal challenge to imagine self-sufficient and  sustainable city.

First mindmap designed by Rodrigue Rabier Fuenzalida in 2015



Thanks to exchange with tens of people from all over the world, he grew the mind map and some new contributors joining the team. Until that the mind-map hit the 2000 element in September 2019.

What are the next features?
At the moment the Metis solutions mindmap is only available as a zoomable picture.


We are currently working and looking for developers and designers that could advice and help us in making the mindmap clickable to make appear windows with more short and explicit details about each of the solutions and categories.

 Example of windows we are working on.



Our final objective would be to make the mind-map 100% participative and open-source. 


Please contact us if you are interested or might know someone that would be. 

You want to contribute to the mindmap?

Have any solutions in mind missing? Edit or contests to make? We would be glad you share it with us!


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