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What is it?


Eudaimonpedia, is an encyclopedia made to inform everyone, regardless of their age, origins and experiences, about global issues of our century, and the solutions experimented and applied all around the world, to build a more fair, resilient and united world.

Our goal is to permit all humans to choose their future by knowing the side effects of the modern society in the early 21st century and adopt the best lifestyle for them and others.

We don’t have THE solution, but they are plenty of solutions in this world that are adaptable to your needs. We wish to everyone to reach their “Eudaimon“.

To change or not to change, this is the question.


Eudaimonpedia took inspiration from the mind-map initiated by Rodrigue Rabier Fuenzalida. Since then, with contributions from an international team of volunteers, the mind-map took incredible proportions.


The Eudaimonpedia mind-map in numbers :



levels of solutions

What are the categories?



These categories are based on human’s basic needs to be able to live independently, to live in community and to live in society.


We are convinced that we should all have access to each of these categories in good quality, and to have the capacity to sustain them locally.

These solutions aim towards enabling us to use our whole human potential, live our dreams and to grow peacefully with the rest of the world.


This is what we called the Green New Renaissance of our century.

What are the “Levels of solutions”


Thinking that the others will resolve the problems for us, without making a change ourselves, is what will lead to even more unstable world due to social, ecological and economical crisis. We are all part of the problems, however we are also all part of the solutions.


It’s because of this, that we need to all take actions and push it on all the levels :


Actions and solutions that can be applied by you and your family, in your daily life and at home.


Actions and solutions that can be applied by your community and citizens’ committees, in your village, district & city.


Actions and solutions that can be applied by your political reprensentatives, in your region, country & continent.


Actions and solutions that can be applied by companies, where they are implemented, as well as the markets they are in.


Actions and solutions that can be applied on a global scale, for the good of all humans and our environnement.



Based on the idea of making those solutions accessible to everyone, regarless their age, origins and experiences, we tried to find the best navigation techniques that are intuitive, playful and interactive to make their access even more pleasant to use.


Here are the 3 navigations that we came up with :

Articles Newsfeed Navigation


It’s a navigation similar to regular medias’ navigation. You can search there by categories and levels.


Learn more >>

Mind-Map Navigation


It’s a mind-map projection of the solutions, divides in categories and subcategories. This aims to navigation faster in the “tree” of global solutions.


Learn more >>

Illustrated Island Navigation


Based on the mind-map structure, it’s using general visual concepts to navigate in a playful and intuitive way.


Learn more >>

And you in all that?

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