What is Eudaimon? 

Eudaimon is an international community of global comitted citizens how work together for a fair and sustainable future for all.

Our projects aim to inform the whole world, regardless of their origins and age, concerning alternatives & sustainable ways of life from all over the world to enable them to reach their “Eudaimon”.

🔎 What means Eudaimon?

It comes for the ancient Greek Eudaimonia (εὐδαιμονία) which is often translated as happiness or well-being. However “human flourishing” would be a more accurate translation.

Etymologically, it consists of “eu” (good) and “daimon” (spirit).

Philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle had placed Eudaimonia as one of the bases of their philosophies.

Why do we do that?

We live in an incredible time! Although the first traces of human civilization were nearly 12,000 years old, the last 200 years have seen our civilization grow more than ever!

Thanks to advances in technology, sciences and especially the emergence of the internet, billions of us in the four corners of the globe have suddenly become connected to the world.


Many are far from such a standard of living and despite rapid progress, we face many serious global issues that humans haven’t faced before:

  • Global climate crisis,
  •  Inequality in development and wealth division
  • Pollution (due to chemicals, non-reusable and non-recyclable waste),
  • Disappearance of many species, etc.

Thousands of scientists even speak of a 6th mass extinction progressing since 30 years, and hundreds of reports have proven that our modern industial civilization is responsible for the current disruptions.

This may sound like a terrible situation, but don’t forget that WE have an incredible power that the former generations didn’t have:


The power to choose by knowing and to decide what kind of common legacy we will leave behind.

What is our vision?

In Eudaimon, we propose to make a new renaissance but this time on a global scale to build a sustainable & fair world, respectful of all living beings.


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