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Brief Global Chronology: From the Big-Bang to Humankind

This chronology aims to represent the events that permitted to us, Earth’s citizens, to understand where we are from, what is our current understanding of the Universe and its impact one ourselve.       If you have any corrections or propositions, don’t hesitate to reach us throug our contact form :

Eud’Action #1 : Urban Shared Garden

Eud’Actions are open sources thematic pedagological mind-map gathering solutions & concepts by categories on a particular topic. This is our first one of this concept and is dedicated to how to build a sustainable shared garden to bring community by getting more resilient. Tip : You can easily find all the concepts shared on Internet…
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Vortex Bladeless – A Wind Turbine without Blade

Imagine a wind turbine. It is big and its blades turn with the wind. Now, imagine it smaller but without blades… and that is the invention of Spanish company – Vortex Bladeless.

FarmBot – Opensourced farming robot inspired from 3D printing

Imagine a kitchen farm that grows plants by itself independently and works like a 3D printer.. is it difficult to envision? Well don’t fret, it exists, and it’s called the Farmbot!

Duck Rice : Use ducks instead of pesticides

In 1978, Takao Furuno decided to stop all use of pesticides to improve rice production. He decided to first reintroduce carp into rice fields, and the results were nonetheless disappointing. In 1988, he attempted to release common ducks…

Pot Zeer : The DIY desert fridge that works without electricity

The Zeer Pot is the perfect DIY invention for people in need of practical food conservation in hot climate areas, as well as for people that would like to reduce their electricity consumption & the travelers moving with their Van or Tiny-House!

The Greenhouse of the Future : Grow food the whole year in your house

Designed by a Canadian community called “La Serre du Futur”, this lush greenhouse is both a place of life, relaxation and agricultural production. Its secret? Combine the power of nature with modern know-how.

The Showerloop : Save 33.000L of water each year

While we waste more than 60 liters of water per shower, this incredible and simple invention could revolutionize our everyday life and avoid a huge worldwide water waste. Jason Selvarajan, a Finnish engineer of 29 years old has invented the ecological endless shower.

EoleWater : A wind turbine that produces water

The technology was created by EoleWater after its founder, Marc Parent, was inspired by the water he could collect from his air conditioner unit while living in the Caribbean.

Rawlemon : The Spherical Solar Generator

Solar energy continues to convince a growing number of users! It must be said that this technology is never out of arguments: the advances succeed each other at a very impressive rate. The latest example is the Rawlemon. This glass ball is able to multiply the energy of the sun … and the Moon!